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Welcome Trader Literacy Group!


As I said in the initial e-mail, I trade securities for a living. I’m coming to the end of my ninth year and I’m exceedingly grateful for what I have found. I’ve been able to leave Corporate America: the 12-14-hour pharmacy shifts where I hardly got a bite to eat, where I remained on my feet continuously, and where I was forced to deal with stress over meeting business metrics.

Trading is not easy but I think half the battle is learning, which is the main purpose of this group.

Another key component to consistent trading is commitment. Just like anything else, it will fade away if you don’t use it. That’s the main reason why I’m not offering this for free. People will not pay for something to which they are not committed.

In addition to establishing some accountability, I’m charging because I’m not sure this sort of thing should be free. Trading literacy is not just for cerebral enrichment: what you do with it can potentially lead to consistent income for years and decades. What you can save by not having to pay a financial adviser over a lifetime is itself worth the upfront cost.

The trader education programs I have seen charge thousands of dollars. This will cost $20/session. I can feel good about our exchange by saving you significant money while not disrespecting the material by giving up for free what has taken me years to synthesize.

The initial Meetup message I sent was sent to others as well. You indicated definite interest. A number of people said driving to my city would not fit their schedule. Some expressed skepticism about me.

I will make it easier for all of us by conducting the meetings online. We may or may not get other participants too.

I think skepticism is always healthy when it comes to finance. Before we start I want to give you the opportunity for some due diligence on me. If you have any questions then ask away. If you want to talk to me then let’s have a phone call.

And if you want to confer with each other then I’d encourage that, too. I think working together when it comes to trading can offer significant advantages.


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