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Welcome to the Ann Arbor Algos

I wrote this back in April 2012 but it never got finalized. I did post it on Meetup.com without any success. This group concept is different from those discussed here or here because trading system development is the primary focus.


I have seen a number of Michigan investing/trading meetups over the last few years and inevitably, most of them ultimately fail.  In some cases, the organizers just gave up. In other cases, the organizers were for-profit entities electing to move in new directions to market their wares.

I am an independent trader in search of other independent traders without any commercial interests. My hope is to form a small group of traders working together to develop trading systems.

This group is for a very specific type of trader. You should:

     –Be knowledgeable about trading strategies.

     –Understand why a trading strategy does not necessarily make for a trading system.

     –Be practiced at critical thinking.

     –Have experience working in groups.

     –Be willing to purchase AmiBroker (www.amibroker.com) and data as desired.

     –Have AFL programming expertise and/or be willing to spend time learning the language.

     –Have trading strategies available to be systematically tested by the group.

     –Have hours available every trading day for project-related phone calls and e-mails.

     –Not think this will be a place to steal profitable ideas without contributing anything of your own.

     –Not be looking to enroll our members in your educational company or investing service.

     –Have a general understanding of what system development entails.

My hope is to find 3-10 investors/traders to work together on this project.  Please contact me if interested or sign up at http://www.meetup.com/Ann-Arbor-Algos/.

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