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Giving Back (Part 1)

Over the years I have found little interest among people in learning to trade options. I am thankful for what success I have had with my trading and for the freedom my entrepreneurial trading business affords me. I have given significant thought to how I might be able to “give back” as an expression of my gratitude.

I want to begin by addressing a potential contradiction between giving back, which implies free, and teaching people to undertake a for-profit enterprise. As an inextricable component of the tremendous business opportunity I have cultivated for over nine years, I believe trader education is extremely valuable. Maybe this is not something to be given for free lest its value be undercut. With the domain being strictly financial, an up-front investment seems more fitting with the goal of consistent profit over time. No investment is free and therein lies the contradiction.

I perceive a significant difference in subject matter between offering people what is essentially business training (trader education) and volunteering to tutor after school kids. I also believe the story would be different if the trader education were used to generate profits for charity.

Perhaps academic scholarship can help determine whether trader education should be free or for sale. Scholarships are generally awarded based on need or merit (i.e. achievement). The latter often includes people who would not otherwise qualify based on need. If I want to give back, should I teach financially-challenged or high-achieving individuals?

I believe consumers of expensive trader education services are more likely to stick with the program than those without obligation. I have previously discussed how traders can be a very fickle lot (myself occasionally included). Over the years I have seen people come and go through various Meetups and trading groups. This stands in stark contrast to many students I have seen motivated to complete programs for which they paid a hefty bill up front.

With many trader education programs costing thousands of dollars, people who attend are generally not those in need.

To whom should I “give back?” Score one point for merit-based because those with nothing to pay are lacking a key motivator to get through.

I will continue next time.

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