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Stansberry Research

I received the following e-mail from a friend today:

     > Hey Mark,
     > What do you think of this guy’s predictions???
     > Should one take him seriously?
     > http://thecrux.com/dyncontent/millionaire-warns-to-get-out-of-cash-now/

The first thing I noticed was the byline “by Patrick Bove, Stansberry Research.” I associate Stansberry Research with long, persuasive [and nefarious] advertisements. This is probably because I’ve seen multiple writings from them in the past. At the very least, it was reason to investigate further.

I then noticed “Dr. Steve Sjuggerud,” a name that definitely raises red flags. Again, I’m not exactly sure why but I’ve been looking at these things for the last 10 years. I actually recall researching him somewhat recently and being surprised not to see blatant confirmation of his chicanery.

The Crux (top of page) is not something I recognize as a reputable news source. Like anything else, I can do an internet search that led me here. Not only does the review link it to the questionable “Stansberry Research,” it also concludes:

     > There are many other online publications that share
     > “informational” articles promoting products for sale
     > or that offer newsletters whose ultimate goal is to
     > sell their readers financial products…

This tells us all we need to know about the cataclysmic conflict of interest. Time to run away! Don’t waste another second.

Because I sought further confirmation, I ran an internet search on “Stansberry Research” to find this and this.

Oh by the way, printed above The Crux at the top is “advertorial.” What the hell is that? For me, such a word raises multiple red flags. Any advertisement (“advertorial” is presumably “advertisement” + “editorial”) is quite possibly fake news—especially if it proclaims a doomsday scenario.

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