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The Stealthy Sisters of Spin and Speculation (Part 6)

In the last few posts I have argued when it comes to investing and trading, people often miss the forest for the trees.

I strongly believe this but I also think it makes me sound rather arrogant. My philosophy is based on study of a lot of commonly taught trading techniques and a failure to see definitive edge. I know the extensive work I have done to get where I am but you do not and I could be a glorified writer of fiction.

Going forward, rather than trying to explain what “responsible trading/investing” is or should really be about, I will focus what it is about for me. It will eventually make sense why this puts me in the minority.

I offer two caveats.

First, no matter what I do, I am not going to change the world. Quite honestly, I’m not going to even try.

Second, I welcome all market participants no matter why they are here. I googled the oft-quoted saying “it takes two people to make a market” only to find out it’s not often quoted! Nonetheless, I believe it is true and in many cases, the two participants have significantly different outlooks. This may be why one party is buying and one party is selling. Whether someone is here because of spin, speculation, or just to pass the time. I will trade with them. The more the merrier too, or in financial parlance, the more there are the greater the liquidity.

For me, this comes down to business and as Mr. Wonderful says, business is all about making money.

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